New Fullmetal Alchemist TV Anime Series Confirmed

The wraparound jacket band on the 20th volume of Hiromu Arakawa’s Fullmetal Alchemist manga will confirm on Friday that a new television anime series is in the works. A new anime series was a topic of much fan discussion for several months, but it was thrust into a more public spotlight last month when a management document was purportedly leaked from the BONES anime studio. The document listed Fullmetal Alchemist animator Yasuhiro Irie as “Hagane 2 kantoku” (Iron/Fullmetal 2 director). Read more at :

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Interview with SPJA chairman at Ax2008

During the Anime Expo 2008 I manage to score with Marc Prez. Well not personally but over the internet. Continue reading


After watching the first episode I fell in love with it. It has great storyline, animation, and Op/ED. In the begining when they played that music with the piano and tremble. I thought it was going to be another clannad but I was wrong. After watching it,  I can not wait for the secound episode.