New link to blog:


New Blog =D

Been so long since I been on here. =S. But I am happy that I have almost 20k view in a year, been very busy with setting up business and school work. Look forward to this new Blog/website.

Fullmetal Alchemist 2 came wtf


Go to to get a wip of it, Im surprise as you are!

Posting Activity

I got a lot of draft written, but won’t be active till may 8 cause I got some serious testing to do and probably slow down on June,cause of testing to

Chinese New Year Almost here

That Time of year again. I can not wait till I get my money, but I got to listen to my cousin and aunts nag for the whole day. Also there is going to be a a Chinese New Year Festival In L.A and I’m going to have a lot of pics stay tunned

Artisit Tips in the near future


I’ll be bring you guys on tips how to draw different style of art soon, and hopefully have some video tutorial.  You guys can request what artists’ style you want me to show you guys , so just leave a comment.

— Other Notes—

– Will have series like: Learning how to play piano, guitar, drums, violin, bass, learn to take photography, etc

– also will be doing review of many things

So besure to keep an eye out for things to come


Got to love the cosplayer

Got to love the cosplayer

Found and mesh togeher